Salon Petrov


So much has been said about the quality of these cosmetic products

Constant innovations and exceptional results make them relevant even today.

Petrov Beauty Centre has been working with Biologique Recherche for over 22 years

Give your skin a healthy glow everyone

We are intimately familiar with each and every preparation and every treatment and we are able to decide with ease, following an assessment, what will bring the best results for your skin.

Due to a large number of treatments and preparations, any goal you wish to achieve is possible.

This particular company, founded in Paris in 1993, is the cosmetics equivalent to haute couture. Owing to excellent results, they are globally renowned and present in many countries.

The initial step is the unique diagnostic method encompassing the analysis of skin condition and lifestyle. The preparations and their combinations are chosen according to the individual needs of the clients.

The estheticians of the Petrov Beauty Centre have attended all trainings this company has provided, whether in Paris or here in Belgrade.

Some of our most popular treatments are:
- Lift C. V. S. (Manual face-lift)
- Soin restructurant et lissant (Anti-stress treatment)
- Caviar treatment
- Biovector treatment
- PIGM 400 treatment
- Booster VIPO2 treatment
- Toleskin treatment
- Platysma treatment
- Mesotherapy with the B. R. cocktails
- Treatments using the Remodeling Face® apparatus, consisting of seven steps during which you are free to relax at the hands of our highly skilled estheticians and where a ’connection’ is made with your skin, which is essentially the reflection of yourselves.

Our misstion

Individual and personalised epidermis assessment

Relaxation phase
Welcoming massage using biological milk
Skin preparation with the unique P50 lotion
Applying a biological mask to stimulate the skin functioning
Remodeling Face® Machine
the advanced treatment for professionalised skin care which uses three different types of electrical currents, producing ’fireworks’ in your skin. Wider-looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, less marked wrinkles and a more clearly defined facial contour are some of the effects produced by this device.
Applying cocktails using authentic serums
(Elastine, Oligo-Proteines Marines, Tissulaires, Amniotique, Splenodermine, Colostrum VG, ISO-Placenta...) specially prepared by the esthetician

Final phase

depending on the skin needs and to prolong and boost the effects of the treatment, creams are applied (VIP O2, MSR-H, Biofixine, L Grande), as well as the finishing serums (Grand Millesime, Yall O2, Le Grand Serum, Fluid VIP O2)


The staff trained by the Biologique Recherche experts beautifies, regenerates, and sculpts your body silhouette.
Body treatments are performed using a special methodology, with a rich assortment of essential oils and active plant substances for reducing fat and cellulite and with an effect of improving muscle tone, all contained in special creams (Amincissant Oxygenante MC110, Anti-C, Defatigante, MSR-H, VIP O2, Reparatrice)