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Japanese cosmetics for non-invasive skin rejuvenation

Japanese efficacy in the field of cosmetics – that’s what Forlle’d is.

The Forlle’d laboratory has designed a globally patented production process in order to develop small-molecule hyaluronic acid and other small-molecule substances

Give your skin a healthy glow everyone

Forlle’d cosmetics is founded on an efficient cosmetic technology where the results are visible immediately.

The globally patented hyaluronic acid complex is 600 to 4000 smaller than usual, while the molecules penetrate the skin so deeply, they hydrate and rejuvenate the skin profoundly.
The special formula achieves exceptional results owing to the distinctive combination of all its ingredients.

Forlle’d is produced in Japanese pharmaceutical plants, using the highest standards of technology so as to insure the highest level of safety.

Hyalogy total skin care has been designed to provide deep skin hydration with better and longer-lasting effects than any other hydrating product.

Forlle’d has been present in our salon ever since it entered our market and our staff have huge experience in working with these products and treatments.

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