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Anne Semonin

The Petrov Beauty Centre has brought Anne Semonin in Serbia, so as to allow our clients to enjoy the luxurious treatments and products as if they were in Paris or at a luxury spa.

During the last 37 years, the Anne Semonin philosophy has confirmed that each skin is unique and that its needs change daily.

These luxurious and limited products are formulated by using the state of the art anti-aging techniques and the highest-quality active ingredients, creating an assortment that offers targeted solutions and visible results

Give your skin a healthy glow everyone

As a pioneer of personalised and customised skin care, the Anne Semonin brand offers a definitive body and face care collection.

It is available in the best spa centres and beauty salons, selected department stores, as well as selected e – shops around the world.

The Petrov Beauty Centre has brought Anne Semonin to Serbia, so as to allow our clients to enjoy the luxurious treatments and product as if they were in Paris or at a luxury spa.

Anne Semonin is a synonym for the customised skin care that enhances your natural beauty. No matter your age or your skin type, our products are in equilibrium with your epidermis, fighting conditions triggered by fatigue, stress, or hormonal imbalance, thus providing your skin with vitality and spark. The excellence of the Anne Semonin products is based on the synergy between essential oils, trace elements, and plant and sea extracts. This distinctive cocktail of active ingredients, prescribed according to your skin’s needs and your lifestyle, provides your skin with unmatched instant and long-lasting results.

The first skincare brand to have presented the cosmetics industry with the holistic concept of beauty and wellness within esteemed hotel spa-centres.

The first French brand to have combined trace elements with essential oils within a treatment. The combination of trace elements and essential oils strengthens, regenerates, and fills the skin.

Given that each skin is unique and constantly changing (due to environmental influences, hormonal changes, lifestyle), skincare products cannot be standardised, but rather have to be able to challenge these permanent changes: Anne Semonin offers, through l’Expérience Anne Semonin, a personalised approach with customised products and treatments for both men and women (Mixology), designed to stop and fix the damage to the cells according to the needs and imperfections of the skin.

Our misstion

The ’Inner Calm Outer Glow’ Anne Semonin treatments are designed to ’push the button’ which brings the equilibrium of mind, body and soul.

The exclusive technique of the energetic drainage: the Anne Semonin Signature protocol which uses acupressure points to stimulate certain body functions (Beauty Inside Out).

The philosophy of Anne Semonin is based on the fact that each skin is unique and that our skin’s condition is completely tied to our inner metabolism. Having this in mind, we are performing the special Signature Energetic Drainage. It is performed on the face (locally) but is in fact stimulating the whole body.

For the last 37 years, this energetic drainage has been a signature Anne Semonin massage technique and it demands expertly trained therapists and estheticians to provide a top-level holistic experience of beauty and wellness.

Anne Semonin – Green Beauty

• Natural and innovative ingredients: plant extracts, botanical oils, trace elements, sea ingredients, and highly advanced biotechnology ingredients.

• Essential oils which are the only cosmetic ingredients to penetrate the epidermis barrier.
• Synergy of essential oils and trace elements wich enhance the penetration and action and help skin regeneration.
• Top-quality botanical oils: sesame, hazelnut...
• The most valuable high concentration essential oils: tea tree, cananga, sage...
• Outstanding French resources: sea algae from Brittany, lavander from Provence, sea salt from Noirmoutier...
• Exceptionally advanced ingredients: neurocosmetic ingredient Tephrosia purpurea, salt spring water, hyaluronic acid...

All Anne Semonin products have been developed and produced in France.

Natural innovative ingredients (vegan friendly): aromatherapy (essential oils), but also the synergy amplified by the trace elements, minerals, plant extracts, sea extracts, and biotechnology.

In our products catalogue you will most certainly be able to find a treatment perfect for yourself, and our most fervent wish is for you to pay us a visit and let us assess your skin and determine a customised treatment just for you

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